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Canon EOS 300 + Kodak Portra 400 | Perfect Exposure Everytime

Canon EOS 300 SLR - Portra 400 : With the accurate light meter of camera and the exposure latitude of the film, it's pretty hard to mess up exposure with this combo. It's up to your composition, the light, and your subject.

Many people will remember the Canon EOS 300 (or similar) as their first SLR, just like many people remember the digital version Canon EOS 350D (Canon EOS Digital Rebel) as their introduction to DSLR photography.

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These two videos by David Hancock are amongst the best and most detailed tutorials of the Canon EOS 300 SLR:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7nANv7bFvI
Part 2:


Photos Developed at Eye Culture, Bethnal Green Road, London.
(Say hi and tell them Ade Torrent sent you) ;)


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Canon EOS 300 Film SLR + Kodak Portra 400
Gideon Smit : Lovely to see you. I still have an earlier version, the EOS 500. The rubbers have gone gooy, but it works perfectly. This one being much newer, should make a great buy.
mangageek king : How did you achieve the triple exposure on the camera? What settings did you do and what steps?
Alex N : Great video. I guess these late 90's cameras are a great option if you want something handy more that fancy looking. And of course you can get 3 cameras of that era for the price of one manual camera from 70's. Which is a nice deal, because you can have all 3 loaded with different ISO films (one for evenings, one for bright daylight, one black'n'white for example)
Vitor Morais : Glad to see another episode of Old Cameras series by you. Interesting to remember that in the film golden days we could easily get inexpensive cameras that produced amazing results.
Regarding the film of choice, I still remember the prints I have from many occasions I used Portra. I liked your photos and the colour rendition your brought. The scenarios were very well chosen by the way.
I quick question, in your opinion what are the disadvantages of the type of automatic loading of the film you mentioned - the fact it rewinds into the canister at the beginning? I have never had a camera with such a system but I wish I had. Curious to know your thoughts on this.
and thanks for sharing another good work.
Andrew Kaiser : First off, just have to say that your photographs are super great. I love looking at them and would love to trade prints with you someday. Secondly, I have to admit I like working with Canon's plastic EOS and Rebel 35mm cameras. They are easy to find for next to nothing cost-wise and they are so light and fast that they make great street cameras. I regularly use an Elan II for street photography and when I really want to pack light a Rebel G. Sure, they aren't the coolest cameras out there but the results are great and the auto exposure is spot on.

Canon EOS 300 - The Amazing Film Camera You've Never Heard of

The Canon EOS 300 is a camera that I have used for the past year or some. My review goes over some of the aspects of the camera that make it unique, because with the 300, we are able to combine new canon lenses with a old Canon film camera. My favorite combo is to put a 35mm Sigma on the camera in order to get the best film camera portrait results, you can see them along the video. Thanks for watching and make sure to check out my latest podcast!

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J C : I just found this camera on the market and bought it for a view dollars and didn't know anything about it, not even how to open the back or how to turn it on. This video helped me so much. Thanks bro!
Tinkerbell : Thanks for this excellent video. I have a Rebel 2000 which I think is the same as the camera in your video. It is kind of cheap and plastic, but it works great with the Canon lenses I have.
IdoWhatIwant : I just got my dad’s EOS 300. I’m very excited to put some new glass on there after seeing what your work here. Thanks for the great vid!
Furkan Çelik : i bought one today before i saw this video, it was really cheap, really good deal with 28-80 and 80-200 lenses, i finished half a roll in the house just to check out the flash (kodak 200 expired) and it actually is a very fun camera to use

Canon Eos 300 - analoge Spiegelreflexkamera Testbericht Bedienungsanleitung

Faszination Spiegelreflex - Das ehemalige Einsteigermodell von Canon der EOS Reihe anschaulich erklärt
Dieter R. : Meine beiden EOS 500 haben auch einen klebrigen Handgriff. Ein Tip dazu, ich habe die Handgriffe mit "Capaplex" eingestrichen. Das ist eigentlich eine Grundierung, gedacht für Tapeten und Anstriche die danach wischfest sein sollen. Hilft wunderbar, bekommt man in jedem Baumarkt.
TheAury12 : Weiß jemand wo ich die passenden Batterien für diese Kamera her bekomme?
helphintscare : Danke für den Tip!
Dieter Rommerskirchen : Bitte, gern geschehen.
helphintscare : +TheAury12 Hallo, es werden 2 Stück "CR2" benötigt. Die sehen grob aus wie halb solange AA Batterien. Ich bestelle die CR2 im Netz, z.B. bei den berühmten Online Marktplätzen.




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