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WILD FOX vs. OUR CHICKENS Spoiler: Chix didn't make it! (FV Family Vlog)

Wow, we remember the good 'ol days of when we had 10 chickens.. Well, not anymore. R.I.P. Chicks! and... SWIPER no SWIPING!
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The Secret Life of Fox - Wildlife Wars (Nat Geo)

The fox is a scavenger carnivours dog generally found in urban city areas in the northern Hemisphere. The fox is a nocturnal mammal meaning that the fox only goes out a night to hunt for prey.
Wild foxes tend live for around 6-7 years but some foxes have been known to be older than 13 in captivity. The wild fox hunts for the mouse and other small mammals and birds but foxes appear to enjoy all species of insect.

A fox is generally smaller than other members of the dog family like wolves jackals and domestic dogs. Foxes can be a pest in the cities as foxes are often seen tearing into rubbish.

WILDFOX Couture Fall 2010

It's Witchcraft




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