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Hasee Toh Phasee Full Movie

Movie: Hasee Toh Phasee

Directed by: Vinil Mathew

Dialogue: Harshavardhan Kulkarni
Anurag Kashyap
Purva Naresh
Vinil Matthew

Story \u0026 Screenplay by: Harshavardhan Kulkarni

Starring: Sidharth Malhotra
Parineeti Chopra
Adah Sharma
Manoj Joshi
Sharat Saxena

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khushi shervin : Too much ad
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GiLL : Sirraaa movie
AHSAN RANDOM : Fuck movie
Bibek Shrestha : Waiyat nonsense

$700 Chinese Hasee Gaming Laptop - A $6 Frosty Upgrade

Recommend watching in x 1.25
Dangerous upgrade in order to decrease temps on a China-only Gaming Laptop.

After buying a Chinese Hasee K680E-G6D1 on Taobao's online market, I decided to buy a 6 dollar upgrade which consists of 5 copper radiators that link your CPU and GPU cooling system, and thus also joining the both fans power.

This dramatically dropped temperature down from 90 to 79*C in full load under stress test.

Enjoy. I hope you find it interesting to learn a few things about the Chinese hardware environment.

Computer specs of the Hasee K680E-G6D1: https://www.tomtop.com/p-c5005.html
gio : Hey Henry, Canadian in Tianjin here. What's your wechat? Got a few questions about hasee if you don't mind
zico : So what do you think about Hasee laptop? Im going to buy one and im quite confuse. Its quite cheap with good specs but not sure how about its running.
heikg : Thanks for the video! Could you give an update on whether you encountered other problems with the laptop? As on a lot of forums everyone says they have problems but nobody really gives examples, so it feels like they are talking on faith. And honestly a 90 degree heat while playing is not so bad as my Lenovo y510 also gave me the same problem, I fixed it with liquid thermal paste.
GONEWILDFILMS : I would never pay 600 or 700 bucks for a Chinese computer (200 or 300 tops is appropriate).
mjs22002 : Nice video. Isnt putting the premier face as video thumbnail illegal

Ishq Bulaava Full Video - Hasee Toh Phasee|Parineeti, Sidharth|Sanam Puri, Shipra Goyal

Presenting ‘Ishq Bulaava’ full song video from the film Hasee Toh Phasee. “It’s the heart and not the ears that hear when love beckons.” Here is a song which captures that magical moment when one hears love calling - Ishq Bulaava. Sidharth and Parineeti know it all without saying a word, and yet there is something stopping them. Give this song a listen - and we are certain you will hear love calling!

Song Name - Ishq Bulaava
Movie - Hasee Toh Phasee
Singer - Sanam Puri \u0026 Shipra Goyal
Music - Vishal \u0026 Shekhar
Lyrics - Kumaar
Director - Vinil Mathew
Producer - Karan Johar
Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

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1. Sms SMHTP to 56060 for Hasee Toh Phasee Caller Tunes.
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4. Idea customers, dial 567894088783 to set Ishq Bulaava as your DT. Dial 56789102 for more
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6. Airtel customers, dial 5432114001123 to set Ishq Bulaava as your HT. Dial 5787882 for more

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